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New Commercial Premises Agreement Tips

I am looking at purchasing a new commercial premises but am told I need a lawyer to review the agreement and there are things that I should be careful of.

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Need for Lawyer if Divorcing Amicably

My husband and I separated earlier this year. We are still amicable but we are eager to put a line under our relationship and start afresh.

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Information for Sale of Business

I have a small commercial cleaning business. Last week I was approached by a potential purchaser.

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Enforcing a Disputes Tribunal Order

I am an electrician and run my own business, I often have to deal with delayed and neglected payments from customers after having completed jobs.

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Retaining Wall Dispute with Neighbour

I am having a dispute with my neighbour about the retaining wall that separates our boundaries.

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Neighbour Wants to Survey Boundaries

We bought our house about 6 months ago and now our neighbour wants to resurvey the boundary.

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