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KiwiSaver Withdrawal Regulations

I am thinking about opting into the KiwiSaver scheme but I am hesitant about locking my money away until I am 65.

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What Are Our Rights If Owed Money

I am hoping you can give me some advice. I have a successful landscaping company that specialises in producing one of a kind creations for our customers.

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Arranging Power of Attorney

I’m about to go for an overseas trip but I’m expecting that I would like to put in place an Attorney to sign documents off for me when I need it...

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Leasehold Property Issues

I have been trying to buy a property for some time but property just seems to keep on getting more expensive.

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Rights for Flexible Working Hours

Rights for Flexible Working Hours - I want to discuss with my employers the ability of working more flexible hours that suit my busy lifestyle at the moment.

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What If I Die Without A Will

A close friend of mine has recently died. His Facebook page remains visible and continues to exist as if he was still alive.

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