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We can’t help you build a rocket, but we can help you launch a new business.

At Metro Law we talk business

Our experience enables us to provide creative and comprehensive legal solutions in all areas of business and commercial law. Lets talk and find you a solution.

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We can't help when giant robots attack, but we can help protect your assets with a trust.

Welcome to Metro Law

We choose to foster and maintain close-working relationships with all our clients. We want you to feel confident approaching us when you need to talk.

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We can’t deliver flowers to your front door, but we can help you buy a home.

Special Fixed Fee Pre-Auction Report

If you’re buying or selling a property, let Metro Law provide the best due diligence so that you are empowered and informed before you sign.

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Make the most of your property

Buying real estate can be one of the biggest decisions of your life - always have a lawyer act on your behalf. All conveyancing and any necessary due diligence is undertaken by our experienced team of solicitors. Contact us today for a special on pre-auction reports.

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Trusts & Wills

The right people to trust

Protect your property, things and the most important people in your life with a family trust, and always ensure your will is up to date and relevant to your current circumstances. Let Metro Law help get you sorted.

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Business & Commercial

Starting your business right

Due diligence is essential when considering the purchase of commercial property or when acquiring a business. Our legal recommendations and solutions are aimed at obtaining only the best possible outcome for you and your life goals.

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We can’t teach your dog to fetch, but we can serve you in the courts

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